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Darren Neave




The practise uses elements of display and displaying, and the meanings that come from this, an emotional and theoretical ‘rinsing’ of the choices made, the objects employed, their qualities and cultural associations.

There is excessive embellishment, recalcitrance, compulsive ordering and hoarding. Mixed with contradictions, revulsion and revelry. 

Mixing and remixing help transform spaces and places, flipping roles and rules… The plinth becomes the sculpture, the frame becomes the plinth… The crepuscular tension beckons mischief and mayhem.

I used to collaborate with John Cake, as The Little Artists from 1999 - 2013. Our work is in public and private collections.

Shows include :
New York, 2004.
Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, 2005.
Kulczyk Foundation, Poznan, Poland, 2006.
Kunsthalle, Bergen, Norway, 2006.
Tatton Park Biennial, 2008.
Auckland Festival, 2009.
Parcours St Germain and Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2009.

Other :
Berlin, Vienna, Singapore, Beijing, London, Brussels, Bratislava and Scunthorpe. 

Resurrectiononlyfans - Work in progress


Blue, Red & Black


Louis Vuitton, Little Trees & Lucozade


Silver, Pink, Gold & Blue


Past Collaborations -
The Little Artists (with John Cake)


Visual Merchandising

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